pySioGame and eduActiv8 logosOver the last five years this software existed under a temporary name – pySioGame – the name was just fine for a personal project, but since it started taking off and with preparations to release an Android version it needed a new name, something more meaningful, a name that shows what this software is all about. The previous name was not serving this program very well, the similarity to the name of the library it is built with (Pygame) caused some confusion, on top of that it was rather hard to pronounce in some languages and was confusing search engines that tried to correct it to physio game where the program has nothing to do with any sort of physio what so ever. The game in the name may also be somewhat confusing since it is not really a game per se, rather a collection of exercises, interactive demonstrations, etc.

After a number of different ideas and approaches the final decision was to simply shorten the slogan – “Educational Activity Pack for Kids” to initially eduActiviKi, but then to eduActivate with a little twist and final version as eduActiv8 which makes sense for a program that aids in learning the very foundations of learning – the language and mathematics – it activates child’s education in a sense – helps to start learning even long before formal school – offering kids a head start.

On the cosmetic side of things the icon has also undergone a little modification from a bear looking creature to a squirrel. The logo and the new visual style has also been implemented with use of more unified colour scheme – still few changes need to be applied across the program to achieve the unified style.

eduActiv8 – a new path for the pySioGame project.

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