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eduActiv8 – Educational Activities for Kids

eduActiv8 (formerly pySioGame) is a free cross-platform Open Source educational program for children.

The program currently consists of over 100 short educational activities ranging from sets of flashcards presenting new knowledge as well as “simulation” activities where kids can experiment with variables and see how things change to better understand certain concepts, to good old drill activities in a form of interactive worksheets to allow the practice of newly attained skills by moving virtual objects around the screen to some extent making use of learning through play.

eduActiv8 is suitable for children in primary school but can be easily used before that with some guidance from parents/teachers. Currently, the activities within the program mainly focus on basic concepts of maths (learning numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, patterns, symmetry, time and much more) but also there are some language exercises (alphabet and some word activities) and general logic games and memory training exercises, puzzles, colour games, etc.

The program is running on Windows™, MacOS™, and Linux. Sadly the attempt to provide a version for Android has been dropped due to an inability to provide a 64-bit version of this software which is going to be a requirement from the next year (unfortunately the support for software used to package eduActiv8 for Android has ended a long time ago).

eduActiv8 as an educational software for schools.

Whilst most of the eduActiv8 users would probably use it on their home PCs, a number of primary schools including schools for kids with learning difficulties around the world started to introduce it as a teaching aid. With this being a freely available software it’s impossible to establish how many schools actually use it and where, but it seems to be quite popular in India, Mexico and Brasil.

Please get in touch if your school is using it or planning to do so, it would be interesting to hear your story and to see whether and how well it works for you, also let us know if there is anything you would like this software to cover that has not been covered yet. If you are still using pySioGame please consider upgrading to the eduActiv8 since a lot has been fixed/added in the last year.

Please also like the eduActiv8 facebook page to be the first one to know about new releases.

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