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eduActiv8 (formerly pySioGame) is a Free Open Source educational program for children from 3 years of age onwards. It consists of over 100 short activities that cover a range of areas from preschool to the first few years of primary school but most of them mainly focus on basic concepts of maths. This educational software offers a number of different types of activities from instructional flashcards and simulations to interactive worksheets that provide practice and test exercises.

The eduActiv8 currently consists of 3 separate groups of activities: language, maths and the last group “Other” covering pretty much everything else. The language module covers alphabet, activities teaching some new words and spellings. The maths module focuses on areas such as learning numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, time and many more. The last module consists of various activities including colors, memory, puzzles, etc.

It is a multi platform application running on Windows, MacOS and Linux. On top of that the latest development is focused on making this software touch screen friendly in order to make it run on Android as well – currently it is available as an Early Access app on Google Play.

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