eduActiv8 with a visual feedbackThe lack of a mechanism that would allow kids to know what they did well and what not so was a massive drawback in this program for quite a while now. It has been reported a few times in a number of posts and articles online, so eventually, it has been implemented for almost all currently available activities that request users to submit a solution to a task in one way or another. It is rather simple, graphical, in a form of a tick/cross image over individual items on the screen, so it’s very easy to know what needs fixing, rather than checking the entire task in a search of an error.

There’s a number of ways the checking of a task is done. In activities where the submit button is visible (the green tick in the top left corner) when the task is done the user needs to click this button to submit their solution. There are times where things can be checked automatically, for example when all blanks have been filled in. In such a case the submit button is hidden and as soon as the program detects the task has been completed it marks the answers. There’s also a number of activities where tasks are marked as the user progresses through them, such as numerous matching activities, the program doesn’t allow to match wrong items, it automatically deselects them but ticks the correct matches, and in a case of an ABC game on low levels, letters are marked as soon as they are placed in a blank space, flagging errors before the entire alphabet is misplaced.

Quite a few tasks, however,  just don’t get checked/marked since they are meant to either present new concepts or allow users to play with them to deepen their understanding of the concept, ie. letter/number flashcards, color simulations, drawing, shape drawing activities. There is, however, a need to make more to allow users to distinguish these activities from the ones where the task is marked automatically. At the moment the lack of levels and level navigation buttons is a good indication that the task does not get checked.

The program is intended to be a learning aid rather than a testing device therefore after submission (if not submitted automatically) and marking the task kids still get to continue with the task until correctly completed, however, there’s one problem that needs addressing with this model. You can’t lose a game/task (there are only a few games that can be lost) or simply there’s no way of telling if the user did everything perfectly the first time or completed the tasks using trial and error method, hence some form of a star grading system will need to be implemented to solve this issue, however, probably not anytime soon.

New release of eduActiv8 with a visual feedback mechanism.