You will need to install some dependencies before being able to run the app.

It is already installed.

Open Terminal and run:
sudo apt-get install python-pygame

Finally download the latest version of eduActiv8 source and unpack it somewhere.

eSpeak (optional but useful)

eduActiv8 is designed to read some texts in games via text-to-speech engine called eSpeak. To make use of this feature you need to have it installed as well.

It is possible it is pre-installed, to check it run: espeak --version. If you get "No command 'espeak' found." you have to install it. As with previous dependencies it is likely you will find it in the repo, but the alternative option would be to get it from:

If you are going to use the Russian language you could also benefit from downloading additional dictionary data regardless of what method you chose to install the eSpeak with.

freefont package
You may also need to install a compatible version of the freefont package. Unfortunatelly it has different name under each platform:
fonts-freefont-ttf (Debian)
ttf-freefont (Ubuntu)
gnu-free-sans-fonts (Fedora)
or equivalent in your distro

Finally to run eduActiv8 from Terminal:
python path/to/the/app/