Contributors and Translators

Ireneusz Imiolek

Founder, Designer and Developer of the eduActiv8 Project

Project Management. Design and development of the eduActiv8 software, managing codebase and contributions. Design of activities, sourcing materials, writing code, testing, debugging and everything else that’s required to keep this project going.

Kamila Roszak-Imiolek

Psychologist, Tester

Provides an enormous amount of support including pushing further development of this project, activity ideas, multiple suggestions to improve the software in general, numerous feature requests and support in delivering them.

Miriam Ruiz

Translator & Debian Package Maintainer

Spanish translation, testing, debugging, suggestions, packaging for Debian and Ubuntu.

Anton Kayukov
(Антон Каюков)


Initial Russian translation.

Στέλιος, versys650gr, sdim, lucinos


Greek translation, bug reports.

Guillem Jover


Catalan translation, multiple bug reports and suggestions.

Américo Monteiro


Portuguese translation, bug reports.



Italian translation.

Alexey Loginov
(Алексей Логинов)

Translator & Linux Package Maintainer

Latest Russian translation, testing, debugging, multiple feature requests. Packaging for Mageia, EduMagic as well as other Linux distributions.

Aapo Rantalainen

Translator & Package Maintainer for Maemo5

Finnish translation, multiple bug reports and feature requests. Packaging for Maemo5.

Ori Hoch


Hebrew translation and a lot of support in making the program suitable for right-to-left languages. Bug reports, fixes and code contributions.

Yuri Chornoivan
(Юрій Чорноіван)


Ukrainian translation.

Elisabete Cunha

Usability Testing

Carried out a number of professional usability tests with end users. The tests were followed by a 25 pages long report providing extremely valuable information including opinion of a number of specialists in Systems Engineering and Information Technology.

Gino Ingras

Translator & Windows Packaging Tool Contributor

French translation, packaging for Windows and various improvements.

Oliver van der Bürie


German translation.

Alexandros Moskofidis
(Αλέξανδρος Μοσκοφίδης)


Greek translation update. Translation of the word list for the Word Builder activities.

Miroslav Nikolic
(Мирослав Николић)


Serbian translation.

Derek Lackaff

Lakota Translation Coordinator

Lakota translation management, translation platform maintenance. MacOS porting support and testing.

Peter Hill


Lakota translation contributor.

Matthew Rama


Lakota translation contributor.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone who helped to create and translate this software by offering their valuable time.
If you are on this list and would like the info updated, please get in touch, same if you would like to get involved and translate this program to your language or update current translations.